Why is there a big difference between the retail price and the service price?
When service is involved, the guest assumes a portion of the overhead of running the business. In other words, the service price includes the "corkage fee." Retail, on the other hand, involves simply purchasing the product to consume at home; there is no overhead/corkage fee involved. Retail prices are determined by the market.


What happened to your live music?
We did live music the first 3 years of operation. Data showed us that having live music did not bring in extra customers to our business; in fact, it turned out to be a liability, not an asset. Aside from exceptional wine and appetizers, Memorial Wine Cellar is known for it's ambiance; an environment where guests can carry on conversations. Live music ran off many of our guests because of the volume of the music.

The fees for playing live music are also cost prohibitive. In addition to paying musician fees, we also have to pay fees to royalty companies such as ASCAP, BMI and SESAC to pay royalties to the artists, song writers and producers of the original songs being played.


Do you have food trucks anymore?
We had food trucks the first one and a half years of operation. At first, the food trucks were very popular and supported by our guests. After a while, our guests stopped supporting the trucks. The owners of the trucks started setting a guaranteed minimum to come to our location. This was cost prohibitive. 


How do you select your wines?
Most of our wines are boutique wines, so we work with our local vendors to find the best quality, prices and selection available. We do carry big brand wines such as Caymus, Silver Oak and Nickle and Nickle and a good selection of cult wines such as Saxum and Scarecrow M. Etain.


Why do you use Riedel stemware?
Riedel is the internationally recognized stemware for the different varietals of wine. Our wines by the glass are high in quality and deserve to be served in such esteem stemware so that our guests fully experience the wines' expression on the pallet and on the nose. Click the button to learn more about this topic:

Can we purchase Riedel stemware at Memorial Wine Cellar?
No, we are not able to sell Riedel stemware because of a contractual agreement with the vendor. You can purchase Riedel stemware online and from local stores such as Specs and some department stores. 


What type of discount should I expect, as a member, on renting the Tasting Room for my special event? On Monday through Wednesday, there is no minimum charge for the tasting room (10 or more guests) for a member. On Thursday through Saturday, the room rental minimum would be 1/2 of the current rate, keeping in mind everything you purchase during your party goes toward your minimum. 

What type of wines do you select for the members?
The wine is hand selected by our staff, working with local wine vendors. Our criteria is to look for the best quality wines available that are low production and not always mainstream. They could be boutique wines, produced by small mom and pop wineries or cult wines (have a following). The value of these wines retail at or above your membership fee. This is a great example of our value added features, that meet or exceed, the cost of the membership.

Will I be under a contractual agreement with MWC, or may I quit at anytime? No, there are no contracts, and you may inactivate your membership or quit at any time. All you would have to do is call and notify us of your intentions.

Is a trial membership an option? Yes, we offer a 3 Month Trial Membership (10% discount): pay for 3 months in full at $89/month ($267 plus tax)

May we choose if we want reds or whites for our monthly wines? Usually we select red/red, but if you have a specific preference, we can make adjustments, just let us know.

What is the fee to become a Memorial Wine Cellar Member?
3 Month Trial Membership (10% discount): pay for 3 months in full at $89/month ($267 plus tax)
12 Month Recurrent Billing (10% discount): first 3 months ($89 per month plus tax), the remainder of the year is $99/month plus tax
12 Month Pay in Full (20% discount): $79/month for 12 months  ($948 plus tax)

Is the membership fee per person or per couple?
If you are a couple, the fee is per couple. If you are single, the fee covers just you.

Is the membership transferable?
No, the membership is not transferable.