If you are interested in joining our Wine Club, simply fill out the form below and click submit. We will input your information, charge your card, and delete this form. Or, if you prefer, you can fill out a similar form in person at Memorial Wine Cellar.

You will be notified by email (usually towards the middle of the month) when your wine is ready for pick-up.

No matter when you join (the 1st through the 31st), you are eligible to receive that month's wine. You will be notified by email when you can pick up your wine.

There are no contracts involved, you may discontinue your membership at any time; just let us know.


MEMBERSHIP PLANS (copy and paste your desired plan into the appropriate box below):

  1. 3 Month Trial Membership (10% discount): pay for 3 months in full at $89/month ($267 plus tax)
  2. 12 Month Recurrent Billing (10% discount): first 3 months ($89 per month plus tax), the remainder of the year is $99/month plus tax
  3. 12 Month Pay in Full (20% discount): $79/month for 12 months  ($948 plus tax)


Name (including spouse if applicable) *
Name (including spouse if applicable)